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My class at Underhill School, Barnet, in 1954

Underhill School, Barnet, 1954
This picture of my class in my final Summer at Underhill school, in 1954, was very kindly emailed by Tony Bolden (arrowed), whom I recently met after 45 years, as a result of this website.  I had never seen the photo until December 2003, because my parents were only interested in buying the individual picture of me (now lost) that was taken at the same time.

Here is my attempt to fit names to faces so far (I'm gradually getting more help with this, as more of you contact me):

BACK ROW: 1.Peter 'Taffy' Price, 2.Colin Young, 3.John Hooper, 4.(not sure), 5.Judith Warne, 6.Pat Fryer, 7.Jennifer Neate, 8.(not sure), 9.Nicholas Swingler, 10.Graham Thomsett.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.Jimmy Essex, 2.Stuart Nicholls, 3.(not sure), 4.Gillian Arnold, 5.Pat Gardner, 6.John Hume, 7.Iain Caldwell, 8.Ian Tegg, 9.Rosemary Farr, 10.Jill Hannavey, 11.Victor Coughtrey.

FRONT ROW: 1.Tony Bolden, 2.Terry Greenham, 3.(not sure), 4.Jill Biggadike, 5.Pat Frith, 6. Iris Crawley, 7.not sure, 8.Linda Attewell, 9.(not sure), 10.Jane Woodrow, 11.Roger Deekes, 12.(not sure).

I am the most miserable-looking one, as usual.

Among the 'not sures' will be, Stuart Smith, Colin Sage, Brian Scarfe and Jennifer Bevan.  I'm afraid some of these have been identified differently by different visitors!

Please form-mail me if you can do any better (or if you ARE one of any of them).

Tony Bolden, Terry Greenham, Pat Gardner and Iris Crawley have so far contacted me.