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Me at 21

Vic Coughtrey in 1964
I didn't come across this picture until 2005.  It was probably taken after the one from Cousin Tony's Wedding.  It was on a strip of 4 passport photos from a machine.  I certainly wasn't planning any trips abroad - it never entered my mind.  As this was long before the days when passport-size photos were required for anything other than passports, I can only assume that I wanted to try out the newly-introduced photo booths.  I remember the fake-sheepskin jacket very well.  I bought it in Millett's in Barnet High Street, while still working at Maw's.  On finding the photos, I was very surprised to see that I was in a beardless phase at the time.  It can't have lasted long.  Not long after this was taken, I hit the road and embarked on my career as a dosser.