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My parents Frank (1904 - 1961) & Grace (1910 - 2000)

Parents' wedding with many Coughtreys
My parents' wedding, Christmas Day, 1934.  About ten years earlier my mother's mother had married my father's father and had moved in with her two children to join his seven above the shop in Silvertown!  The fact that my mother married her step-brother, so that both she and my grandmother changed their names from Ansett to Coughtrey has thrown a number of genealogists into confusion.  Of all my uncles, I can identify only my mother's brother Frank Ansett, on my father's right (your left) and, with a bridesmaid between them, his wife Ethel (born Martindale), the thin woman standing. But my uncles Tom, Eddie, Horace, Stan, George, Wally and my aunt Eva are no doubt all there, in the back row.  The one uncle who is missing is Bill, Alf's son by the first of his three marriages. He was killed in the First World War.  On the lower right are my great grandmother Rosa Hayward, my grandmother Rosa Coughtrey (seated) and behind her my grandfather Alf Coughtrey. See also wedding portrait.